Stephen Filarsky

 Painting Impressions - Landscapes to Portraits


Plein Air Paintings - Horseshows, Equestrian Landscapes and more!


I'm the tall guy you see standing at an easel all around the horse shows painting the scenes in front of me! I create these oil paintings on site at many horse shows and they  have struck a chord with my collectors. People seem to like to watch me create a scene or love the idea of watching "their" painting develop as they look on. These oils are very popular as one of a kind gifts!
Even if I paint the same scene twice, it is never the same!


Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Q: What sizes are these oils?
    A:  The oils that I paint at the shows are usually an 8" x 10" or 9" x 12", sometimes larger

2. Q:  How much are they?
     A:  The paintings start at $300.

3. Q:  Can I specify a particular scene while you are at a show?
    A:  Yes! 

4. Q:  Sometimes you sell out at the shows. Can I order one?
    A:  Sure! Let me know what you are looking for.  For instance, in Upperville I had later requests such as, "one painting of the main ring with the grandstand and oaks and one painting of the pony ring".  Or "some scenes around Deep Run or Upperville."

5.  Q:  Can you ship?
     A:  Absolutely!

6.  Q:  Can you paint larger scenes?
     A:  Of course! The smaller paintings can be painted on site before the sun and light change,but i have painted up to 24 x 36 inches onsite.

7.  Q:  Does it cost more to go larger?
     A:  You will invest more as the size increases.

8.  Q:  Can I buy one of your frames?
     A:  Yes. All frames that I have start at $50.00 additional. These are simple gold frames without a liner or carving.. Most of my oils are a standard size and you can supply your own if you would like.

9.  Q: Will you have more for sale on your web site?
     A:  Yes.  Painting is one thing. Photographing a piece and getting it on the web is another :-)
           Email me with any particulars that you have and I will be glad to answer any questions!

10: Q: Will you come to a location and paint a scene of my barn or pasture or home?
      A:  Sure!  Ask me as there may be additional expenses in travel!

11. Q:  What payment do you accept?
      A:  Cash, checks, Mastecard or VISA, AmX at the shows. Online payments can be made through Paypal.(MC/VISA/AmX/Discover/Elec checks)

12. Q:  Can we use your paintings to promote our show?
      A:  Yes, I have created paintings specifically for a show, such as The Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show and others such as the Devon Horse Show and the Warrenton Horse Show have used paintings I had already created. Please contact me.

 13. Q:  Will you come paint at our show?
      A:  I am delighted to travel to new shows. If you think that a show grounds or location would be a good subject for a painting, please let me know